Dover and feasting

Yesterday we drove to Dover (smart move, too, since it was sunny there but remained grey and r

ainy in London) to visit Dover Castle. It’s massive and full of history – there’s an old tower the

Romans used for a lighthouse, and it’s been used in some form or other ever since. It was especially interesting yesterday: as it was a long weekend, they had dozens of people doing historical recreations from all the ages that saw the castle in use. There were Romans and medieval workers and WWII soldiers and several others. And we saved a lot of money by using our English Heritage passes.

Afterwards we had a superb seafood lunch at the great seaside pub the Coastguard. Delicious fish and chips.

We drove back to London but barely had an hour before turning around to go to PC’s where the She-Aussie joined us for an amazing multi-course feast. PC really went all-out. We all wound up stuffed to capacity.

I’m going to have to run a lot this week.