Free track and new “bootleg” series album from Bob Dylan

Check out You can download a free, previously unreleased track called “Dreamin’ Of You“. You can also pre-order the album that song will appear on, the forthcoming next entry in Dylan’s official bootleg series, volume 8, called Tell Tale Signs.

While the bootleg series’ volumes 4 through 7 have been live albums from different parts of Dylan’s career, Tell Tale Signs returns to the format of the initial release of volumes 1-3: it’s a mix of out-takes, alternate versions, and live tracks. That first triple-CD set covered rare tracks from Dylan’s start in the early ’60s up to the late ’80s. Volume 8 covers from the early ’90s to the present. “Dreamin’ Of You” is an unreleased song recorded in the Time Out of Mind era, and is a pretty straightforward rock tune. I don’t imagine volueme 8 will approach the staggering range and quality of volumes 1-3; naturally, all of completists will buy it and love it because it’s still better than most everything else.

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