eMusic is cool


‘Way back in 2005 I told you to join eMusic for their intro deal, then quit.

That was shameful. I’ve changed my tune. I’ve been a regular member for some time now, and it is definitely worth it. If your musical tastes don’t require a steady stream of top-40 crap, and you like independent music,eMusic is great.

It’s easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, legal, and has DRM-free MP3s. You can sample snippets of songs, and download piecewise or by the album. You play a monthly subscription rate and get a certain number of songs to download. They’ve got audiobooks as well.

I’ve downloaded albums and tracks from 54 different artists, including Antony and the Johnsons, Bob Mould, Chairlift, the Chicago Afrobeat Project, Fleet Foxes, Matthew Sweet, Plush, School of Language, the Black Keys, and the Presets.

If you like music that’s not solely in the mainstream, give it a try.