FBi turns 10: A music and art festival at Carriageworks

I’ve mentioned FBi Radio before; I believe it’s the best radio station for anyone who wants to learn about new music, especially new music coming from Australia. I’ve been a supporting member ever since I moved to Sydney.

FBi is having its 10th anniversary this year. One of the ways they’re celebrating is with a music festival day on Sunday September 8th atCarriageworks in Eveleigh.


I got my ticket today. It’s pretty cheap, less than $50 even for non-supporters. Get yours here and support good, local, new music. These are some of the 35 acts playing on the day:

The Presets – Hermitude
Urthboy – Seekae – Decoder Ring
Spit Syndicate – The Laurels – Thundamentals
The Preatures – Sampology (AV show)
World’s End Press – Straight Arrows – Collarbones
Naysayer & Gilsun (AV show) – Zeahorse
Movement – Citizen Kay – HOOPS
Ro Sham Bo – Joyride – Simon Caldwell
Kato – Shantan Wantan Ichiban
Mike Who – Mealo & Space Junk
plus more FBi favourites to be announced

fbi Social

fbi is my favourite radio station here in Sydney. They’re opening their own bar, the fbi Social, on the second foor of the King’s Cross Hotel. I bumped into someone at the Sydney Twestival this week who was going, later that same evening, to the Social’s opening media night. The part of my brain that is responsible for charm must have been working, because he asked if I wanted to go along.

I did. We left Twestival and taxied over to the Cross. We had no problem at all getting in; I didn’t even have to prove that I was an fbi passionate supporter(which I am). We had more of a problem identifying which floor we were meant to be on. But once there it was pretty cool: it’s just the right size, with space well laid out for both having a drink with friends and watching whatever band is playing.

That night it was Deep Sea Arcade, who I like a lot. They were even younger than I expected. Their psychedelic pop hit the spot, though. I felt pretty lucky to have stumbled across folks nice enough to have invited me along to a fun, funky spot. I’ll be heading back.

Dead Letter Chorus loves Canada (and Canada loves them back)

It’s an Australian-Canadian love connection.

Some months ago Sydney band Dead Letter Chorus left warm Australia to do a chilly 6-week tour of Canada. Apparently they had a very good time. They met some local bands and wrote some songs for their next album, including one called “Covered By Snow” (you can hear it on their MySpace page). Hmm, not seeing the Canadian connection at all.

I heard some DLC tunes when I first moved here last year and liked them a lot. I caught them live at the Newtown Festival, but didn’t think their sound fit in well with the rest of the acts that day (plus, it was raining). I’d like to see them live in a more appropriate venue.

DLC are back in Oz now. But they had such a good time in the Maritimes, in my home province of Nova Scotia, and especially the northern city also named Sydney, that there’s a “Sydney-to-Sydney” exchange going on. Their Canadian touring partners, Two Hours Traffic, and Nova Scotian songwriterCarmen Townsend, are Down Under to return the favour. Isn’t that excellent?

I learned about this when I heard Townsend guesting on fbi radio‘s Tuesday noon cover-version show, Tune Up. It was a great setlist, mostly picked – and played – by Townsend.

(1) Rheostatics – The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot) [Ed.: EPIC!]
(2) Carmen Townsend – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young)
(3) Thom Yorke – After The Goldrush (Neil Young)
(4) The White Stripes – Jolene (Dolly Parton)
(5) Fiona Apple – Across The Universe (The Beatles)
(6) Carmen Townsend – Nothing Compares 2 U (written by Prince, popularized by Sinead O’Connor) LIVE AT FBI
(7) Bjork and PJ Harvey – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones)
(8) Ray Charles – Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
(9) Jason Walker – I Wish I Were Blind (Bruce Springsteen)
(10) Carmen Townsend – Stolen Car (Rheostatics) LIVE AT FBI
(11) The Weakerthans – Bad Time To Be Poor (Rheostatics)

Because of all of the above I’m feeling much love for the country of my birth (Canada) and my country of residence (Australia). Isn’t it nice when we all get along?

There are a couple of tour dates left: you can see them here.

FBi Radio: Give them a booty call

One of the greatest surprises about my move to Sydney has been how awesome a radio station FBi is. I listen to it every day in the car on my commute, and sometimes online when I’m busy at my computer in the evening. It’s got no ads, and is way out on the cutting edge of young, new, interesting music. Almost everything I’ve heard on it has been new to me, and I’ve discovered so much music that I really like. And their focus on Australian and local Sydney music makes it even better.

They rely on volunteers and funding from non-ad sources to stay alive, and they’re having a membership drive right now. That drive – the FBi Booty Call– not only keeps the station running in all its awesomeness, it also puts you in a draw for prizes and makes you eligible for their on-air competitions. It’s running until 14 March.

I gave them a Booty Call just a moment ago and became a Passionate Supporter. They’re insatiable, so I think they’re up for another already.