Eat to the (big) beat

If you read my other blog you’ll know that I just had an incredible weekend in southern France. It was a great food-and-music fest – called Eat to the Beat– at Chateau Lartigolle.

In addition to food, relaxation, and luxury there was some great live music.

During the Saturday evening meal we were entertained by No Quartet, a…uh…quartet of young guys from the Auch area who jam. And they jamfearlessly: it’s certainly the only house band I’ve ever heard play The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly” during dinner. Or, what must be their signature tune, Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”. But damn, it worked. No Quartet actually played for our wedding; they were fun then (and even let me unwisely sit in to sing Hendrix’s “Red House”), but they’ve gotten really tight now. Maybe it wasn’t everyone’s idea of a warm-up vibe given the dancing that was to come, but for us musicos it was a very cool groove-enabler.

No Quartet. Click to enlarge

After the meal the fun moved to the cave underneath the chateau, which they’d set up for an all-night rave. They had a bar down there, a DJ platform, curtains, a fog machine: the full deal. Some locals guys spun tracks for a while to warm us up. Past the witching hour chateau neighbour and Groove Armada member Andy Cato showed up, and the beats dropped.

Andy Cato. Click to enlarge

There were a lot of hardcore Groove Armada fans there, but even for those of us who are more casual the set really bounced. Unsurprisingly, the whole cave went mental when “Superstylin’” came up in the mix. I don’t listen to dance every day. But it’s been a while since I’ve danced until 4am, and it felt really good to just let go.

And it’d be hard to find a cooler place to dance away the weekend. The appetiser of jam instrumental rock in the courtyard followed by a main course of big beats in the cave worked really well for me. I hope they do more events at the chateau.

Dance, little sister. Click to enlarge

Photos embedded above are by Matthew Weinreb