Steorn launches Orbo

I’ve blogged about Irish company Steorn – who claim their Orbo device breaks physics and produces more energy than it uses – before.

I’m told they’ve finally released Orbo. I’m on my way to work now, but will look for info later with keen interest and blog something about what’s up.

If their claims are true, perhaps being “released” means Orbo has grown, assimilated a consciousness, and is already doing its own press conferences.

The jury is in: no free energy from Steorn

Long-time readers will know I’ve followed the story of Steorn, the Irish company that claimed they’d made a permanent-magnetic device that produced more energy than it consumed (which is impossible).

A couple of years ago Steorn selected a jury of scientists and engineers to evaluate their free-energy technology (all demonstration attempts since then have failed).

That jury reported yesterday. Surprise, surprise: it doesn’t work.

Of course, Steorn has said that it’s resolved many of the issues that the jury observed. Right.

And all great jokes begin as bullshit

Steorn to demo Orbo before next summer. Maybe.

Remember Steorn? That wacky Irish dot-com company who claimed they had a magnetic device that broke the first law of thermodynamics and produced more energy than it used? Who have refused to allow scientists to examine their device (which they call “Orbo”)? Who tried to demonstrate Orbo in London last year, only to see that demo fail because of – their claim – heat from the lights? Or not?

I’ve been checking Google periodically for any news about Steorn, but have seen nothing since summer 2007’s demo comedy act. The absence of any public info means that the forum on Steorn’s web site has degeneratedinto the typical internet staples of politics and religion.

I missed this August article in Ireland’s Sunday Tribune, however. In it, Steorn claim they’re still working on their validation process and will probably unveil Orbo before next summer.

Ooh. The anticipation.

How Orbo works