Fluxblog 2011 music survey

Did you miss out on what was cool and new in music in 2011? No fear, top music spot Fluxblog has compiled a 10-album MP3 set of their favourite songs from last year. You can download them all. For free. It runs a gamut that you won’t find on Billboard (though many songs were popular hits, too) orNow That’s What I Call Music volume 439.

In fact, if you felt you missed out on good tunes from 2010, 2004, 2003, or2002 you can download all those too. Mind-bending!


New songs in the Box

I’ve uploaded a track from each of the artists I’ve blogged about recently. You can listen to them and download them from my Box, on the right hand side of the screen. Sample them!

The newest tracks are:

  • “Always On Your Person” by Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes
  • “Batman’s Last Dance” by Pirate
  • “Falling Day” by Kaki King
  • “Song From A Hot Country” by The Maladies
  • “No Hoper” by The Stabs

New Weird Australia, volume 5

From Discontent, A Mixtape Blog (click the link for two qualities of download, and album notes):

New Weird Australia Volume Five, March 2010, NWA005

1. MOOKOID, Hex River Valley (3:32) from ‘Fishy’ (Pimalia)
2. DOT.AY, You Knight (5:25) previously unreleased
3. PEACE OUT!, Running On Sand, Walking On Water (4:29) from ‘Peace Out EP’ (self-released)
4. BURNING PALMS, Mockery (2:12) previously unreleased
5. THE ATLAS ROOM, Iris (5:18) previously unreleased
6. ///▲▲▲\\\, Spit Shine (2:00) previously unreleased
7. KATE CARR, Textopera (3:06) from ‘First Day Back’ (Retinascan)
8. RED PLUM & SNOW, I Would Die 4 U (2:21) previously unreleased
9. DUNS, Bad Rythm (sic) (5:47) from Cowardly Attack (c40 cassette, Willaston Tapes)
10. VORAD FILS, Temple Leak (2:42) from ‘The Warmest Static – POWWOW Ten’ (Feral Media)
11. JUSTICE YELDHAM, March Of The Bodypumpers (4:54) previously available as a Wire Magazine download
12. GAIL PRIEST, Etchings (3:22) previously unreleased
13. CAUGHT SHIP, BlackHole/SweatBeat (5:32) previously unreleased
14. CRAB SMASHER, Skin Destruction (3:58) previously unreleased
15. RIPPLES, False Mission (5:06) from ‘Ripples EP’ (self-released)
16. BLAKE FREELE, Inside There’s Expectations (8:59) previously unreleased

New Weird Australia is a not-for-profit initiative designed to promote and support new eclectic and experimental Australian music. Our current projects include a free compilation series (available to download every two months), a weekly show on Sydney’s FBi Radio and an irregular program of live events. Contributions from Australian artists are welcomed and encouraged -submission details and terms can be found at newweirdaustralia.com/about.

Mississippi Records Tape Series – Blues & Spirituals

Spotted at Aquarium Drunkard:

Over the past year the RootStrata blog has been sharing the Portland-based Mississippi Records’ ongoing Tape Series in individual installments for those without cassette decks. Shared as zip files, broken into two mp3s (side A and side B) [these are] essential listening for fellow blues enthusiasts: Vol. 18 – How Long Has It Been Since You’ve Been Home? A twenty track compilation of old blues and spirituals.

Decemberists cover songs compiled

Excellent music blog You Ain’t No Picasso has gone to the bother (thanks!) ofcollecting MP3s of the 56 (and counting) live recordings of The Decemberists covering other artists’ songs. Few of them are obvious covers.

I admit it: I love covers. They fail as often as they work, but when they work they send a giddy shiver up my spine. That’s probably why I like Puritan Blister so much.

eMusic is cool


‘Way back in 2005 I told you to join eMusic for their intro deal, then quit.

That was shameful. I’ve changed my tune. I’ve been a regular member for some time now, and it is definitely worth it. If your musical tastes don’t require a steady stream of top-40 crap, and you like independent music,eMusic is great.

It’s easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, legal, and has DRM-free MP3s. You can sample snippets of songs, and download piecewise or by the album. You play a monthly subscription rate and get a certain number of songs to download. They’ve got audiobooks as well.

I’ve downloaded albums and tracks from 54 different artists, including Antony and the Johnsons, Bob Mould, Chairlift, the Chicago Afrobeat Project, Fleet Foxes, Matthew Sweet, Plush, School of Language, the Black Keys, and the Presets.

If you like music that’s not solely in the mainstream, give it a try.