FBi Radio: Give them a booty call

One of the greatest surprises about my move to Sydney has been how awesome a radio station FBi is. I listen to it every day in the car on my commute, and sometimes online when I’m busy at my computer in the evening. It’s got no ads, and is way out on the cutting edge of young, new, interesting music. Almost everything I’ve heard on it has been new to me, and I’ve discovered so much music that I really like. And their focus on Australian and local Sydney music makes it even better.

They rely on volunteers and funding from non-ad sources to stay alive, and they’re having a membership drive right now. That drive – the FBi Booty Call– not only keeps the station running in all its awesomeness, it also puts you in a draw for prizes and makes you eligible for their on-air competitions. It’s running until 14 March.

I gave them a Booty Call just a moment ago and became a Passionate Supporter. They’re insatiable, so I think they’re up for another already.