People you don’t want to piss off

I’m just back from my regular teeth-cleaning visit to my dental hygienist. I made the unwise decision of talking politics with her, specifically today’s London mayoral election. She and I are, it seems, at opposite ends of the decision-making spectrum.

This is a woman who can already tut-tut me into shamefulness. She could also cause me great tooth-scraping, gum-prodding discomfort if she so wished. It was, in hindsight, a discussion I should have steered clear of.

Luckily, the discussion happened after my morning’s visit was over. I only hope that her professionalism and the six months until I see her next are proof against any future retribution.

London votes

Tomorrow, May 1st, London votes for mayor and assembly members. The incumbent Labour mayor, Ken Livingstone, has served for 8 years and is seeking re-election. There are the usual suspects in the running: a Lib Dem candidate who will get some votes, a Green candidate who will get a few, and a bunch of candidates (BNP, Christian People’s Alliance, etc) who haven’t a hope of any significant numbers.

I’ll be voting around mid-day.

There’s a really nifty web page that explains how the London election will work. Especially pleasing are the animations – narrated by broadcaster Sir Trevor MacDonald – on How do I vote? and on how the supplementary voting system works in What happens to my vote?

All I know is: if that idiot Boris Johnson wins, I’m leaving town.