Sydney Festival: Los Lobos in the Domain

Every Saturday night during Sydney Festival there’s a free concert in the Domain. Last week was Emmylou Harris, whom I didn’t go see because I already had tickets to see her elsewhere.

Last night was Los Lobos. In fact it was a whole evening of Mexican music, and we got there to camp out at about 5:30pm. Several friends came to join us during the night; it’s a great weekend fun vibe at these shows. Los Lobos started gently, playing several acoustic folk songs. But they soon started rocking out, as those of us who know them for more than their “La Bamba” cover expected. By the end several thousand people were all dancing under the starry Sydney sky.

This is just what Sydney Festival is all about, for me. Sydney coming together, all at once, to enjoy the arts.

Los Lobos in The Domain. Photo from gematrium via Creative Commons license