dEUS at Manning Bar

Three and a half years ago in London I saw Belgian rock band dEUS play live.

I saw dEUS again last night at University of Sydney student pub the Manning Bar. The show was pretty similar to my thoughts from before. They’re essentially a guitar band, especially live. Songs like “The Architect” and “Theme From Turnpike”, where they use deeper guitar grooves, remain my favourites.

If anything, they showed even more energy last night. Certainly the sound was much better last night than it had been at Koko.

A few of their straightforward, slow rockers in the middle were a bit generic. But they started well and finished well. Overall it was a very fun show. It was also amusing to be amongst so much spoken French and Flemish.

Listen to “Ghost”, from their new album, below, or to the whole album here.


dEUS. Photo by anke meijer via Creative Commons lilcense

Special note needs to be made of opening act The Paradise Motel who were all kinds of shit. They played at being grim and literary: they’re no Nick Cave. They played at stark atonal melancholia and punctuated shrieking: they’re no Einstürzende Neubauten. They tried too hard, did not connect with the crowd, and were awful.

Cannoli Oak Beard*

*Or, how I had an awesome Friday and I love my brother.

Yesterday was a non-stop smorgasbord of fun.

One of my colleagues brought in a box full of Pasticceria Papa‘s famouscannoli. They are seriously, heart-stoppingly wonderful.

After the workday finished there was a workplace financial year kickoff celebration at The Oaks. We were in one of the upstairs rooms, and I didn’t stay too long, but it was a good laugh.

Then it was time to taxi over to Sydney Uni and Manning Bar, where the gig festivities kicked off with a few good mates. There were several acts, most better than the last. I missed the first act, The Stiffys. Here are the ones we did see.

  • Mojo Juju play a swampy New Orleans gutbucket jazz shuffle. Their first couple of songs had me worried as they were slow and similar. But they brought it up in tempo, volume, and attitude as they went on, and got much better. They were fun, and quite stylin’.
  • Manchoir were an amazing surprise. They are exactly what the name implies: a choir of men. About 10 of them, all in singlets, some with bottles of beer in hand, performing a capella renditions of such great man-classics as “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “Highway to Hell”.Hilarious!
  • The Crooked Fiddle Band played prog folk metal. I’ve never heard such a heavy polyrhythmic racket from a lute, violin, upright bass, and drums. It was mostly instrumental and mostly pretty intense. The woman playing fiddle had virtuoso level: she was amazing. Very skilled and dynamic, but it missed some of the fun and emotion that the earlier two acts had set us up for. But definitely an amazing band.
  • The Beards. What can I say about this band that I haven’t already done? They love beards, disdain all those who are beardless, and play many rockin’ tunes about beards. Last night they played several from their new album, Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard, which I hadn’t heard them play live before. They were, as usual, awesome. If you’ve missed previous posts watch thesevideos.

Afterwards we had a couple of beers at the Marly Bar in Newtown, made all the more entertaining by a power-tripping bouncer and a soft-porn session by some drunkards who forgot they were in public.

Classy Beards