Concert delays

It looks like the Michael Jackson concerts at the O2 are becoming the car-crash most of us predicted they’d be. However, it’s happening before they’ve even started: the first four shows have been delayed because, the promoters say, he needs more rehearsal time. People are unhappy. I was going to have to sell or exchange mine – it’s the seventh show, I think – because I’m now visiting Canada at that time, but maybe it’ll be moved for me if he postpones a few more.

Also, Depeche Mode have cancelled concerts right up to May 27th due to Dave Gahan’s illness. We’re scheduled to see them in London on May 30th. Hmmm.

Michael Jackson concert run enters stratosphere of absurdity

I blogged last week that I picked up a presale ticket for one of Michael Jackson’s O2 shows here in London this summer, as well as about theunprecedented demand during that presale.

The shows – which swelled in number to 50, the same as Jackson’s age – went on regular sale yesterday morning. They all sold out in four hours. That’s a million tickets. AEG Live promoter extraordinaire Randy Phillips is bouncing off the walls, fueled by his own hype.

Unsurprisingly, insurance for this massive run of shows is proving difficult to nail down.

There’s also an internet rumour going around that it wasn’t Jackson at the press conference announcing the shows. I have to admit, the pics of him seeneven weirder than normal.

More MJ freakiness


Just got this email about yesterday’s Michael Jackson O2 shows presale.

Michael Jackson Presale Update!

We know that many of you have experienced frustrating delays today and we apologise for these problems. If you have not yet been successful in purchasing tickets with your code, it WILL still work. Please dont worry if you managed to log in, but didnt get any further. The codes can still be redeemed tomorrow.

We have now sold out of the presale ticket allocation for 30 shows. Michael Jackson has agreed to add more shows, so you still have a chance to get tickets on presale. We will be back in action at 7am (GMT), tomorrow 12 March.

Demand for tickets is unprecedented, so please be patient and do keep trying.

And remember if you miss out on the presale there will be tickets available on every show at the public on sale from 7am (GMT) 13 March.

Like I said: one way or another, this is going to be an off-the-hook spectacle.

Michael freakin’ Jackson

I agonised, but in the end my memories and my curiousity got the best of me. God help me, I just purchased a presales ticket for one of the Michael Jackson shows at the O2 this summer.


  • He really was the King of Pop in the ’80s: he was a brilliant songwriter and performer
  • I’ve never seen him perform before
  • These could easily be his last live shows
  • One way or another, these shows will be memorable
  • I’ll check reviews of the first shows; if they’re a disaster, I’ll almost certainly be able to sell my ticket


  • There’s a high probability that these shows will dissolve into some extremely bizarre spectacle
  • He is an absolute freakshow

The pros won, obviously. Now only time will tell.