Running to “The Crystal Method”

Over the years I’ve been running I’ve experimented with lots of different music during my workout. I’ve recently settled on what works best for me, and that turns out to be American electronic act The Crystal Method. My iPod shuffle now has several of their albums, with only a couple of dozen tracks from other artists to mix things up a bit.

TCM aren’t particularly avant garde. They make big, fat, electronic, funky, steady, dance rhythms. That is precisely what I need during a run: not too many lyrics, not too much variation within a song, nothing to distract me from the repetition of heaving one leg in front of the other. But it’s funky or rocky enough to feel properly musical too.

The band has recognised how suited their music is to exercise. A couple of years ago they made an album, Drive, that was expressly intended to be the soundtrack for a workout.

It works for me. Your mileage may vary.

The Crystal Method

“Run, Tim! RUN!” Photo of The Crystal Method from kainr via Creative Commons license