Nine Inch Nails are back

My love for Nine Inch Nails is well-documented. Get ready for blog obsession again, because after some soundtrack work for David Fincher and side bandHow To Destroy Angels, Trent is back in the NIN groove.


New track “Came Back Haunted” is very industrial-electro-dancey. It’s pretty standard NIN. Which means I like it. You can  listen and watch whirly audio things below.

New album Hesitation Marks is scheduled for release on 2013 Sep 03.

Opening band sampler for NIN

Nine Inch Nails will begin a new tour in North America in July. Today they released some rehearsal pics on Flickr and a free sampler download-EP with songs from the bands that will open for them.

The latter move seems to have lots of people chattering. Practically speaking it’s not a particularly useful gesture. In these days of MySpace anyone interested in what the opening acts sound like can quickly and easily listen to several tracks, not just the one each on this zip-file download. Even worse, the question mark in the file name for one of the acts (Does It Offend You, Yeah?) is making most file extractors choke on that track.

But from a hype-building point of view, and from a supporting-the-support-acts point of view, it’s a big move. Label-less Trent Reznor continues to use the technology in new and interesting ways.