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The Solar System – Our home in space

25 August 2013

I really like this video. It uses simple infographic-type visuals to describe the layout and components of our solar system.


Google+ Hangout with NASA was amazing

23 February 2013

We live in increasingly amazing times.

Earlier today NASA hosted a Hangout on Google+. Through that social media channel a group of schools and kids were able to ask live questions to two astronauts on the ground. Even more exciting is they were able to link in the middle of the Hangout to three astronauts on the International Space Station. And more exciting yet was that the entire world could participate by asking questions via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

It only lasted an hour. I didn’t join live because it happened between 2 and 3am Sydney time, but I’ve just finished watching the replay on YouTube. You can too:

The fact that people can go to space and live there for months at a time is amazing. The fact that that place lets us do research there that’s not possible anywhere on Earth is incredible. But the fact that those people, in those places, can use modern communications technology to have a live, interactive session with all of us is world-changing. How many kids might be inspired by taking part in this sort of thing? It’s thrilling.


Canberra to be NASA’s eyes for Mars landing

4 April 2012

From the SMH, when the latest Mars rover touches down on the red planet’s surface on August 6th, it will be Australia telescopes that will be in position to watch. Read more here.


Toronto teens send Lego man into space

27 January 2012

A great tribute to DIY science: two Canadian teenagers designed a balloon with cameras that ascended into the fringes of the atmosphere, recording cool images and then plummeting back to Earth. That link has a great video summary.


NASA gives nod to first private spaceflight to ISS

12 December 2011

From the AP:

A private U.S. company will attempt the first-ever commercial cargo run to the International Space Station next year.

NASA announced the news Friday, one year and one day after Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, became the first private business to launch a capsule into orbit and return it safely to Earth.

On Feb. 7, SpaceX will attempt another orbital flight from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. This time, the unmanned Dragon capsule will fly to the space station and dock with a load of supplies.


Scientists to sail robot boat on methane lake of Saturn’s moon Titan

15 May 2011

From the Guardian:

Space engineers are planning to build the first extraterrestrial boat. They want to launch the craft towards Titan – Saturn’s largest moon – and parachute it on to the Ligeia Mare, a sea of methane and ethane on its surface.

The robot ship would sail around this extraterrestrial sea for several months, exploring its coastline and measuring the winds and waves that sweep its surface.


The Mountain: Space and wilderness photography

18 April 2011

Terje Sorgjerd makes beautiful time-lapse videos.

This one, which is making the rounds of science blogs, captures not only stunning views of the Milky Way but also El Teide, the highest mountain in Spain.

The Mountain, posted with vodpod

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