The Holy Soul + The Stabs + Whipped Cream Chargers + The Maladies

fbi radio has a cool new blog (their “flog“). I just spotted an amazing gig on it, one I’ve just bought a ticket to. The headliners are The Holy Soul. And support includes two Australian bands I’ve been really excited by, The Stabsand The Maladies. All these acts for only ten bucks. That’s amazing.

Who’s in?

The Stabs – Dead Wood

A couple of months ago I blogged about Melbourne band The Stabs, and how I thought their song “No Hoper” rocked.

I picked up their latest album, Dead Wood, at Red Eye Records on the weekend. Red Eye is the sort of awesome music store I used to go to. Their selection of Australian music made it the natural place for me to find this album, and they didn’t disappoint.

Back to Dead Wood: it delivers. There’s probably not another song as furious as “No Hoper” – which you can hear and download from my music Box widget on the right-hand side of my blog page, there – but there’s lots of swagger.

It’s raw. It’s punk, it’s droning stoner garage-rock, but with the odd clear snare drum or piano bit that grabs your attention. And the bass is so dirty and heavy.

You can catch The Stabs around Oz in the next few weeks, including Sydney on 23-April.

The Stabs: I need to hear more of this album

The Stabs are a Melbourne band that’s kind of fuzzy and swaggeringly punky. I listened to the title song from their new album, Dead Wood, and thought it sounded okay. The few tracks from previous albums were a mixed bag: some meh, some good.

Then I heard another new track from that album: “No Hoper”. And oh my god, it rocks. I definitely need to listen to more of the new stuff.